Bijan Sayfouri is an Iranian graphic designer, art director, photographer, writer and academic. He was born in Iran’s Kurdistan on May 5th, 1968, and spent his childhood and adolescence in Iran’s western border cities during the revolution and ensuing war. His earliest works were published in 1978 during the Islamic Revolution, when he was 10-years-old. Later in high school he began making his first stenciled posters, applying them on the city walls of Sanandaj. He entered the School of Fine Arts at Tehran University with top grades, and concurrently began his professional career in 1988 in his studio in Tehran.

Sayfouri is known in the realm of graphic design for his innovative and unique style of using Iranian typography. His focus on letters as his main subject matter, as well as his expressive and conceptual approach to design, set him apart from other designers. Throughout his career, he has acted as art director and graphic designer on hundreds of cultural and artistic projects, as well as many publications and magazines. He has also been a jury and curator on many contemporary art events in Iran.

In 2001 he founded The 5th Color with some friends, and in 2006, through an invitation from Morteza Momayez, he became Head of the Cultural Committee at the Iranian Graphic Design Society. In 2006, Bijan was invited to San Francisco along with 55 artists from around the world to participate in a project titled Remastered, aiming to recreate some of the world’s most important masterpieces. Since 2010 he has been on the editorial board of Italian Design Association. More recently Sayfouri established MeFoundation, a design foundation based in Milan, and has been its art director. He was also a member of the jury for Mut Zur Wut, an international poster exhibition in Germany.

In 2011 he unveiled General Defection, a collection that broke the sales record at the Contemporary Photography auction held at Bonhams. This series was later presented at various exhibitions and auctions such as Christie’s, Art Dubai, Tehran Auction, Paris Photo 2014, and Art Ankara 2015. General Defection is a conceptual collection inspired by Iranian gnostic literature rooted in Rumi’s philosophy. Many European critics called it a retrieval of graphic arts in today’s technologic era.

Since 1991 Bijan Sayfouri has been teaching at Bachelors and Masters levels at the School of Fine Arts at Tehran University, Shiraz University, Tehran’s Soureh University, and the University of Art in Tehran. He has also organized various workshops on conceptual projects and graphic design at his own studio as well as many other cities in Iran and around the world. Additionally he has published many books and catalogues on visual arts and design, and has been a thesis advisor for several research projects in the area of design and new media arts.

With his many years of experience, Sayfouri is one of Iran’s most influential figures in the fields of graphic design and photography. By curating exhibitions, writing, researching, and participating in various international exhibitions and events, he has played an active role in representing Iran’s visual arts. Sayfouri’s work has been presented in many exhibitions, museums, galleries, collections, websites, books and magazines both in Iran and internationally in Germany, France, Poland, China, Russia, Czech Republic, Italy, Ukraine, Japan, India, Qatar, Hong Kong, Slovakia, United Arab Emirates, Taiwan, USA, Cyprus, Switzerland, Netherlands, Afghanistan, Belgium, Pakistan, Mexico, Peru, Turkey and Canada.